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Working Consignor

As a contractor and consignor, you truly are a part of the LBD team!  Whether you join us to find your child’s wardrobe at a fraction of the cost or to earn extra cash, we all need each other to have a great sale.


Contractors/Consignors can invest just 3 short hours of their time to assist with the sale of their items and the overall sales process and are able to shop early, and save, save, save.


Wednesday, September 11th, 2024

Invest  12 HOURS…..SHOP 1:30PM or 3:00PM 

Invest 6 HOURS.....SHOP 3:00PM

Invest  3 HOURS…..SHOP 4:00PM

*All contractors/consignors are welcome to shop until 8:30pm

Contractors/Consignors will receive a Contractor Pre-sale Pass & a Consignor Pre-sale Pass for a friend.

Assist with the sale of your items for 3 hours, shop early and earn 65%

Assist with the sale of your items for 6 hours, shop early and earn 70%.

Assist with the sale of your items for 12 hours, shop early and earn 80%.

We currently do not schedule using the online system. 

If you have any more questions or are interested in being a working consignor, email us at or call at 724-209-4909.


I signed a Consignment / Independent Contractor’s Agreement, NOW WHAT?

You control and select the time you wish to provide assistance to sell your items based on availability.  Once selected, your schedule will not be changed.


Thank you again for joining our team. At LBD, we truly love what we do, and we hope you will love it too!

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