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Drop Off


  • Drop off times are released at least a month before the sale.  Drop off times are available on Monday and Tuesday. Please see online inventory system for availability.
  • Please plan to arrive early enough to place all of your items in the check-in area by your designated start time.

  • If you should arrive early, we will do our best to work you in once all scheduled appointments are taken.

  • It is important to keep your scheduled appointment. Any appointment changes must be made in the system by 11:59 pm on September 7th.


  • Be sure that you have followed the seller's tagging instructions to correctly prepare and tag your items.
  • Make sure any electronic items you are selling contain batteries.  A fee will be charged if LBD must place batteries into your item.
  • Sort all clothing by size, gender, and type (bottoms, tops, dresses/outfits, pajamas) before check-in. Other clothing that is separated: costumes, coats, bathing suits, dancewear, sports clothing, and dress up.
  • Please make note of any items you decided to leave at home to avoid inventory discrepancies.

  • Print your consignor drop off checklist and bring it with you to help your check in time go more quickly.

  • If you wish to pick-up your items, bring a large box (or boxes) with your ID# marked on it. If bringing a plastic bin, please do not bring the lid.



  • Park in the drop-off lot (if spaces are vacant).  Additional parking is available on the side of the building.
  • Upon arrival:
    • Sign-in at the Registration table.

    • Sign the Consignor Drop off Checklist (if you did not bring it with you).

    • At this point, we are unable to change items from pick-up to donate or from donate to pick-up.

    • Take any large items to the correct area on the sales floor. 

    • After a worker has checked you in, take your items to a checking station where they will be checked for the following: stains, wear/tear, seasonality, current style, and cleanliness. All items not meeting standards will be returned to the consignor.

    • Once a worker approves your items for the selling floor, you may begin to put out these items.

    • Workers will be on the selling floor to direct you to the correct area for your items. Please allow enough time in your schedule for putting out your own items.

    • Please Note:  If someone else will be dropping off your inventory, please make them aware of the above procedures and remind them to hold onto the passes that are required for entrance into our pre-sale.


Any items not meeting LBD standards that are missed during the check-in procedure will be pulled from the selling floor.

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