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Got Questions? 

What is this sale? How does it work? 

  • Twice per year, hundreds of families participate as consignors to earn money for their children's slightly used goods. 

  • Thousands of shoppers show up to save 50-90% off retail prices. 

  • Of course, it's FREE to attend for shoppers

  • If you participate as a consignor and assist with the sale, then you get access to shop the sale before the public! 

For Consignors: 

Should all my clothing be on hangers?  Do I get my hangers back?  

All clothing needs to be on hangers.  We have racks set up and sized for you – all you do is put the clothes on the racks.  This makes it much easier for people to shop, and you will sell more clothes.  Due to the amount of items sold at the sale, we are unable to return hangers.


What happens to my unsold items at the end of the sale? 

You have two options.  You can either bring a large cardboard box with your consignor number on it when you drop your items off.  We sort your items from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday and have them ready to be picked up from 6pm to 7pm on Saturday evening.  You are also able to donate your unsold items to a charity of our choosing at the end of the sale.  Choose "Donate" while entering your items in the online system.  Your items will go directly to a charity of our choosing.

Who do you donate unsold items to? 

Currently, we donate to the Washington City Mission and Genesis of Washington

How can I shop early? 

By consigning with us, you receive a pre-sale pass that allows you to shop Wednesday evening before we open to the public from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  By assisting with the sale as a consignor you can shop early.

Invest  12 HOURS…..SHOP 1:30PM  

Invest 6 HOURS.....SHOP 3:00PM

Invest  3 HOURS…..SHOP 4:00PM


How many people can come and shop early on my pre-sale pass? 

Due to the large number of consignors and workers that shop Wednesday night, there is only one person allowed at the sale for each pre-sale pass.  Wednesday night is also a kid-free shopping time.

How should I price my items? 

For toys and baby equipment, a good place to start is 1/3 of retail.  Then, go up or down from there based on condition and brand.  Clothing is a little trickier.  In general, 1/3 of retail is an okay place to start for clothes, also.  There are several things to keep in mind when pricing clothing.  Sizes 2T and under typically have a lot more clothing in them and so clothing within those sizes needs to be priced more competitively.  Many shoppers also look for certain name brands (such as Under Armour, Gap, Children’s Place, etc…), so clothing from these lines can be priced a little higher.  Clothing from Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target is often extremely cute, but does need to be competitively priced. For additional assistance, here is a helpful pricing guide.

How can I sell more items? 

Bring your BEST ITEMS.  Our shoppers have the luxury of selection.  If you could choose between a clean, pressed shirt or a wrinkled, not so great shirt, which would you choose?  Leave your worn, stained, and out of style clothing at home.  Also, PRICE COMPETITIVELY.  Clearance racks are packed with new stuff at great prices in all of our favorite stores.  Finally, KEEP THE LBD SHOPPER IN MIND.  Great clothing at great prices.  Would you buy your item at that price? Here are more tips to increasing your sell through rate.

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