Tag Your Items


All consignors must read & comply with the following instructions. Failure to adhere to the Seller’s Tagging Instructions may result in the loss of merchandise.

Please do not spend your valuable time entering items not meeting LBD standards. Our LBD Stain Team will be diligent in pulling items not meeting LBD standards.

1.  Tag:

Item Entry

-All items must be entered into the system by 11:59pm, March 3rd.


-Your printer will print 6 tags per sheet.
-Use only 65lb or greater WHITE or LIGHT PASTEL card stock when printing tags.  Do not use designer card stock that is “fibrous” or has a slick surface.
-Print your tags using “Normal.”  Do not print using “High Quality.”
-Align your print cartridges before printing your tags.  Printer cartridges in inkjet printers can get out of alignment, especially when you change cartridges.  This can cause the edge of the barcode to not be clean and straight.
-Don’t scale the printing. Print it at 100%, just like the tag generated.  If you use a “shrink to fit” option or change the page scaling to something other than 100%,  it can adjust the size of the barcode.


-Price only in 50¢ increments (i.e. .50, 1.00, 1.50, etc.)
-If you change the price of an item or the half price designation of an item in the system, you must reprint a tag to avoid shopper confusion. At the register, we will use the lower price for an item if there is a discrepancy between the tag and the online system.


-Choose the correct category and enter a detailed description of your item (ie.  GAP Blue Striped Sweater).  If your tag should become separated from the item, a detailed description enables volunteers to properly locate the item and allows us to search our inventory to re-tag an item that has lost a tag.
-Please do not use descriptions such as “book”, “shirt”, “outfit”, “jeans”, etc…


-Please note sizing. If shrinkage is a factor, please indicate on tag.
-Please do not combine two different sizes into one outfit.
-NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT JUNIOR-SIZED CLOTHING. However, we will accept sizes XXS, XS, SMALL, 00, and 0 from ONLY these retailers: Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie.

Half Price

-If you DO NOT WANT TO SELL AT HALF PRICE on Saturday, please check the appropriate box in Item Entry.
-A large Red Dot will print on your tag to indicate the item should not be sold HALF PRICE.
-If your half price dot does not print red, please outline with red marker or red pen to avoid shopper confusion.


 -When entering your items, please remember to check the Donate Box if you would like to donate your item(s).
-All items not picked by designated pick-up time will be donated. Details about donated items can be found on the Pick-Up page.


2. Preparing Inventory

Limits – 1,000 total items per consignorOur shoe policy remains the same – 3 pairs of shoes per consignor unless the shoes are in LIKE NEW condition. If you have more than 3 pairs of shoes in LIKE NEW condition, you do need manager approval before putting the shoes out on the floor.


tag1 tag2 tag3




Absolutely no outfits are to be placed in baggies


-Hang all garments (tops/shirts/blouses/sweaters/dresses/coats) face front with the opening of the hanger facing to the left like a question mark.
-Please button, zip or snap garment to help secure garment on hanger.


 -Hang all pants and skirts from the angled part of hanger attached at the waist-band.
-DO NOT hang pants off of lower bar on hanger, unless using a hanger with clips designed for pants.
-Please button, zip or snap garment to help secure garment on hanger.
-Pants hung incorrectly generally fall off the hanger, get dirty & may not sell.

Safety Pins

-Do not use straight pins, small gold/silver safety pins, or clothes pins to secure your garment.
-Utilizing the correct safety pins will help to safeguard your items throughout the entire sale.


-Attach the printed tag to the UPPER RIGHT SIDE of your garment
-Attach to the garment using a medium or larger sized pin, going through the card and garment twice.


 -When bundling many items together on a hanger, you may want to consider putting a handwritten tag on each item  (ie. black leggings item 2 of 5).  This procedure is time consuming, but will help ensure your outfit remains together. Please enter the bundle only once in the system and use the system generated tag on the main piece of the bundle.
-When bundling several hangers together, please use rubber bands, safety pins, or zip ties to keep the hangers together.


 -All toys/items with SMALL PIECES must have the pieces secured in a ziploc bag, the ziploc opening TAPED COMPLETELY SHUT, and then taped securely to the large item.
-In order for toys/items to remain intact throughout the sale, it is very important to “child-proof” them for the general public sale.  Many, many little hands touch these toys/items.
-Tags must be secured to the toy with packaging tape or safety pin.  NO SCOTCH TAPE!!
-Please be careful as to where you are placing the packing tape when securing your tag to your items so that the tape does not damage a painted or paper surface.


 -Open DVD/CD cases before tagging to make certain DVD/CD title matches the case.
-DVDs/CDs are susceptible to scratches.  Please make certain items are in GOOD condition before tagging.
-Tags must be secured to the item with packaging tape or safety pin.  NO SCOTCH TAPE!!


 -Count puzzle pieces before tagging.
-Make certain your game has all of it’s pieces before tagging.
-Please do not apply packing tape directly to the puzzle as it can damage the puzzle. Either place the puzzle in a ziploc gallon bag or wrap the puzzle and its pieces in plastic wrap before taping securely.

Purses/Backpacks/Suitcases/ Bags

-Remember to empty out each compartment of item before tagging.

Toys/Electronics/Music/Infant Equipment

 -Please remember to include batteries inside those toys/items which require them. Shoppers will not buy items they cannot test.
-Please double check that the toy or electronic works before consigning.
-All electronic items will be tested at check-in. Please make sure the electronics are in working order and have batteries when you arrive or they will not be accepted.
-It is best to include instructions with electronics and toys. Most of these can be easily found on the web.

Infant Items

-Sealed and unused formula only, please.


-IF BUNDLING BOOKS, PLEASE MAKE A LISTING OF BOOKS ON TAG. This procedure will decrease incidents of book bundles being opened.
-Please bundle books securely.
-Tags must be secured to the toy/item with packaging tape or safety pin.  NO SCOTCH TAPE!!

 Pajamas and Sleepers

-No pajamas with cut-off feet.
-No mis-matched sized pajamas on the same hanger.

 “Ziploc” Bag Items


 -ALL INFANT “ONESIES”  (2 to 3 of same size) MUST BE PACKAGED IN ZIPLOC BAGS with the Tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Please tape the zipper opening of the bag shut with clear packaging tape to ensure no loss of merchandise.
-Receiving blankets, towels, bibs, bottles, etc.  are best sold when placed into ziploc bags with the Tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Please tape the zipper opening of the bag shut with clear packaging tape to ensure no loss of merchandise.


 -DO NOT PLACE TAGS INSIDE THE ZIPLOC BAGS – your item may not scan at check-out.
-Tape securely to the outside of the bag.

Maternity Clothing- **We are currently not accepting maternity clothing.


Furntiure/Large Items

-If you are interested in bringing LARGE FURNITURE ( i.e. child’s bedroom set), please call Kristin at 724/503-7316 or e-mail us at littleblessingsdressings@yahoo.com for pre-approval.  Space is limited.

-If there are MULTIPLE PIECES TO A LARGE ITEM (i.e. crib, large toy), please indicate on index card (i.e. item 1 of 5) and be sure to include a detailed description on each card.  This procedure is invaluable should a tag come off a part of the set.



 -All shoes need to be secured together with ribbon, string, zip tie or safety pin….no shoe boxes please.
-Attach card to shoes with safety pin through lace or eyelet.
-Only 3 pair per consignor in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
-If you have more than 3 pair in LIKE NEW CONDITION see a manager for approval to bring more than 3 pairs of shoes.
-Do not put your shoes into ziploc bags, they will sell better if the customer can see them clearly.

3. Recalled Items

-LBD continues to adhere to The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s law involving the lead content of children’s good, and will continue to not accept any recalled items as stated on the Recalls page of this website.

-Typical recalled items include baby items, toys and metal/wooden jewelry.

-LBD will accept any items not specifically recalled by the CPSC law; however, we reserve the right to make judgment calls as to the safety of our children on an as needed basis.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but MUST comply with this law.

-We are currently NOT ACCEPTING infant bath tubs.

-All consignors will be asked to sign a waiver stating all of your contributed items meet compliance standards at drop-off.

-If we notice a Recalled Item, the  item will be pulled from the selling floor.

-Recalled items will not be returned to the consignor.

-Each consignor must check their inventory against the CPSIA website to ensure all inventory items meet CPSIA standards.  Click the Recalls page of our website for information regarding your items before drop-off.

-If a consignor has not checked their inventory before drop-off, the consignor is still required to meet CPSIA standards.  Please be aware this procedure may dramatically increase your drop-off time.

4. Not Accepted



 -Please  carefully inspect all items before drop-off.  All items deemed unacceptable by LBD staff will be pulled off of the selling floor and may not be returned.


-During the September sale, we accept only fall/winter clothing. We do not accept spring/summer outfits, bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, or spring/summer dresses.Due to space constraints, we will not be able accept any short-sleeved tops other than short-sleeved Christmas dresses, short-sleeved Holiday shirts, short-sleeved turtlenecks, short-sleeved sweaters, short-sleeved sports jerseys,  short-sleeved fall themed outfits. If you attach a spring/summer short-sleeved top to a pair of pants, the entire outfit will be returned to you at check-in.

-During the March sale, we accept only spring/summer clothing. We do not accept fall/winter outfits, corduroy, thermal, wool clothing, or fall/winter sweaters.


-If your upper outerwear has a neck or hood drawstring, please pull out the drawstring and throw it away.


-Please double-check www.cpsc.gov for up-to-date information regarding your carseat.






-Webkinz with unused codes & Build A Bear Accepted





5.  Seller Agreement


Click on the following link: Seller Agreement 
to review the seller agreement you electronically signed in order to register for the upcoming sale.

During drop-off, you will need to initial and sign this document. If you prefer, you can print a copy to have signed to bring with you to drop-off.




for your cooperation


We realize  the Seller’s Tagging Instructions are quite detailed.  Please remember all changes are made with the consignor in mind. As with every sale, we strive to improved procedures so as to better serve our customers and in turn better support our consignors  Please keep the following in mind:


“Any merchandise found not to meet the standards outlined in the Seller’s Tagging Instructions will be pulled from the floor.  As selling floor space is at a premium, all merchandise meeting LBD’s standards will receive priority.  As the sale progresses, if time permits, and space is available, merchandise not meeting standards may labeled as such and placed on a “stained, torn, out-of-date ” rack.
LBD is confident this procedure protects both the customer and consignor. As always, we encourage all consignors to visit the sale during Thursday and Saturday mornings to better understand the nature of the sale and any procedural changes.


If have any questions, please call Kristin at  724-503-7316 or e-mail us at littleblessingsdressings@yahoo.com